Wednesday, October 2, 2013

ABC goes on

There are times in my life, so rare that it goes unnoticed , I get too eager to read every single thing crossing my vision. Today is one of the mentioned. As much as I want to call myself a slave to boredom, I rather say I'm craving to expand my knowledge. God I'm done being dumb. For about 2 months I was so busy being busy that it intruded so badly with my reading routine. Now it's time to dust my ABC.

Reading makes me feel smart. It's not like I share books with Dr.Sheldon Cooper or read Stephen Hawking like a love note. I read junk. Even the ones with the worst syntax and penmanship, I hunt down like a werewolf. Reading is the sole agenda, therefore, nothing else matters. Sometimes I even  settle for children stories and twitter updates, no surprise. Just being able to cuddle with words and kiss a few thoughts allow me feel so privileged.

Reading kills time. Believe it or not, it does. At times it's because I get too engrossed, the other times are due to the involuntary naps. Not that I could help it. Bored? Grab a book.

Putting trust into a read and giving it your full dedication is the most humble favour you can do for self-growth. It's not about the number of pages you flip or the number of dictionary visits you make. Reading is about the times you pause to think, the way it stimulates your close-to-dead ,machine-like-mind and how it feeds the soul. Of course the times you fell asleep are exceptions to the rule. Thus, speaking a whole new chapter called "Rest' for the soul, which we shall not touch further.

Renuka G