Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Blurred Whys

I'm going to be super free till next week ends, so more nonsense coming your way. As the preparation for your mind's saneness, read this.

So yeah, today I was, as mentioned, so free, I started to blindly stalk humans on interpals. Well that's entertainment you  know. Like seriously, you have to try that. Reading people's profile is sheer fun-tertainment. Even though mine is one clown-house space, I will still laugh at people's. And what happened during the time-killing event was, I found something. Or more like concluded something. Ok I'm feeling pretty intelligent right now with the use of the word 'concluded', excuse  me a moment for self-admiration...............

So what I concluded was that people around the world especially Europeans, listed numerous asian countries in their profiles as places to visit, but not my beloved nation, Malaysia. SAD case. This is REALLY SAD, because I wrote it in caps. I mean why, why people why? What's wrong with Malaysia? It's a beautiful country  with many fascinating tourist spots. Our islands are mind blowing. Is it that you people are ignorant or chose to ignore?

As a true citizen of Malaysia let me blow my country's trumpet by giving you 10 reasons why Malaysia is a MUST ( notice that caps?) visit nation.

1. Malaysians are very friendly people ( living example here!) . We smile at everyone on the streets. ( Unless it's a Monday and we're in the mood to shoot rather than smile, stay at your own risk) 

2. In Malaysia we have awesome customer service. When you are pissed we calm you down by assuring we will get back to you later, which translates I'm running away, solve your own problem! 

3. Most of our packages to islands come with fresh brochures. Fresh brochures as in, created freshly when the spot was first opened. FRESH artifact now probably, yet still FRESH.

4.  We awe tourists especially Europeans. You think you are humans, through our eyes we see aliens walking on the streets. We admire, stalk every move like a concerned parents. We CARE. 

5.Our roads are never straight. You think that's bad? NO! Roads here will teach you to focus. When you are driving on the highway, don't ever think about letting the wheel go, or keeping your hands still. Grip hard  and keep moving honey! So the good part being, when you return to your own country, you shall be a seasoned driver who could drive through all crookedness in life. ( I know you want to book your tickets already) 

6. We have food everywhere. Literally EVERYwhere. On the road, across the road, in the shop, in front of the house, you name it. But the case of recycling food materials is still going on, therefore, consumption is at your own risk. Believe, trust, that's tomorrow's hope , said a Malaysian .

7. Our journalists wrote so much about travel that the newspaper found it redundant and reduced publishing it already. Yes we lack travel columns, not because we want to write or read about politics or anything. It's merely because we have wrote too much. Please understand alright :)

8. We speak English. YES most Malaysians especially those working at tourist spots, know English. Sometimes we drag a little laaaaaa and meeehhhhhh but we speak no alien-ano . English ok?

9. Our local radio stations have awesome programmes. I assure you entertainment, but do be extra cautious with the volume hike. We are the people of love, so we speak to be 'heard'. Thanks to our RJs for alerting us before we fall asleep. 

10. This is the most important point. You don't want to miss the chance of meeting awesome people, don't you? That's why you have to visit Malaysia. People like the author for example, is rare. VERY rare (caps again!) * blushing*

HAHA it's nonsensical I know. But this post do bear a certain amount of truth, if you read between the lines. Otherwise, Malaysia is a great country. Historical places is Malacca, islands in Terengganu, and food in Penang are the icing on the cake for us. We stand equal to other Asian countries if you could see the very best of my multicultural nation. 

Renuka G