Friday, September 13, 2013

Rain Rain Go Away

A wise man once said, life's tough get a helmet. Even though I have no idea who is he and why he phrased it that way I agreed with him to a certain extent. Today a wise girl is going to say something, so you better be all ears. Life's tough, get an umbrella. Well, I need not further introduce the wise girl for we all know who is she *winks*. Let's just move on.

What is with rain people? What's with the rain? It has been 2 weeks since I was tormented by it. There is no need for me to make a list with nonsensical elaborations on why I dislike the rain because I'm a VERY serious person. Having lied that way, I will only use 3 words to describe the whys. Mosquitoes, flu, waffles.

Mosquitoes. Rain increases the number of thirsty mosquitoes that are picky enough to only find a person named Renuka. I have ordered scientific researches to prove this fact ( Yes it is already a fact before proven),  but results might take more time. So what this mosquitoes do is that, they suck me dry. DRY! And leave me itchy. How mean! Just to avoid unnecessary arguments and physical contact, I avoid going to bed. Plus even if I try, there will be no sleep. Only scratching. And YES I'm too poor to get a repellent, believe it.  Due to this whole mosquito scenario, I am always forced to stay up and play candy crush instead. People call me an addict, some say I have no life, some say I'm just a part of a craze, but nobody knows the sad story behind my candy-crushing agenda. Please wipe your tears, no tears tonight.

Flu. I'm not poor to get an umbrella because I do have one. Yet due to a medical condition I lost my memory on how to use an umbrella, therefore, whenever there is rain and I'm out, it's flood on myself. Sad case. Till now my flu found no cure because the rain found no stop. Life's tough, know how to use an umbrella!

Waffles. I have this weird cravings for waffles when it's raining. And there was one day when I went to satisfy my craving while it was still raining. Guess what happened? Waffles turned from biting texture to scooping smoothness. Amazing uh? NO! It sucked.

How can I not dislike rain?

Well honestly speaking I do like rain. I mean the sound of it, the cold weather in which I could cover my whole self with my blankie, sleep like nobody's business ( only at spots with no mosquitoes), etc etc. But not when I'm tormented like this.

Dear Rain, please take away the mosquitoes and my flu and bring me some fresh peanut waffles :)

Renuka G