Friday, September 6, 2013


This is the voice of experience speaking, so you better listen. If you ever think of becoming a teacher, take an emotional stability test. In case you fail, start promoting yourself else where. You have been warned! Don't become another me.

by my year 3 kids ..gingerbread man

I'm capable of blanketing my emotions pretty well. Oh screw being humble! I'm darn good at that. However when your heart crumbles, it crumbles no matter what. Whether you hide it or whether you flash it on a billboard, it doesn't matter anymore. Yup I'm having this whole sinking in the ocean kind of feeling thinking of leaving the current school I'm doing my practicals at in two weeks time.
The year 2 kids under my supervision on some merdeka event

At first when it all started, I was like man, it's gonna be a hell of a pain. Since I dislike kids generally, except those who are exceptionally smart, good or of course cute, I wasn't shading under the rainbow. I had a downpour with thunder and storm instead due to excessive shouting and explaining and planning and assessing. Now though, I'm feeling, Ugh I don't know what I'm feeling. It's like a rock tied to my foot, making it heavier to drag myself out from these kids. Yes things got a little creepy when they started to hunt me on Facebook, check through my phone, smell my hair and know exactly when I wore what, but they made my days better. I mean some days better. The rest were awful as usual.
A Raya card which came out of no where :p

God I'm going to miss my Year 3 kids. And being a vain pot, I know they will miss me too considering all the chocolates and lollipops I have bribed them with *winks*

Renuka G