Tuesday, September 17, 2013


I have heard many stories and some I have seen taking place right in front of my 4 eyes, considering that I'm wearing a pair of spectacles. However, the stories capable of moving me most profoundly are about people having tons of weight on the shoulder yet sprinkling the rainbow dust to those around them.

Cheerfulness is indeed a value to be learnt and appreciated by everyone. It has the ultimate power to eliminate many negative thoughts and pain within us. It's like a free anti-depressant. People who choose to show happiness and rather spread smile than hurt are the great achievers of all. I have met some along the way , they are indeed a rare breed.

I once read in a book that being cheerful indicates your intelligence of being aware if you live in the state of pleasure, you can have the impact to meet virtually any challenge that comes your way. What makes things hard at the first place is one's attitude of feeding the monstrous emotions like pain, hurt etc. Kill them while they are still little. As mean as it might sound, it makes a lot of sense. Isn't that strong enough? Ok. A LOT of sense. Caps always make a difference *winks* . If you're smart,  start showing happy faces! Good kids.

So it's about time everyone instead of trying so hard to convince your inner soul to be happy, tell your face to do so. Everything else will follow. If it doesn't, keep trying. You have got nothing to lose, a smile is free isn't it? Thank god it is, or I don't know how I would survive all the stupid deals and bets I enjoy making .

Be cheerful, and transmit joy like a  bad virus.  Some nonsense do make sense and are indeed contagious.

Renuka G