Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Ready to switch?

If you can't change the circumstances, change your perspective.

Let's just face it, you are not gonna get things your way! It might sound like a slap on the face but hey, that's called reality. What's meant to happen will happen, whether it favors you or frustrates you it's the later part. Deal with it honey, we don't hold the thread to our lives, we are all apart of the show instead.

There ought to be occurrences getting on your last nerve, be prepared. Remember this word, 'switch'! It comes handy I assure you. When you feel like banging your head on the closest wall, switch! Switch your perspective.  Life may give you lemons, limes, oranges, berries, who cares, anything still brings something. It may be a lesson, experience, wake up call, etc etc, be thankful and for god sake learn!

One thing we are almost experts at is the excessive portrayal of emotions, minimize it. Emotions are concentrated, dilute it! Dilute it with inner peace. Yes, make peace with yourself that you don't have the power to travel backward, admit the defeat, and move on. Life isn't a one way road, travel, venture, there's more to see, there's more to live each day.

Mindset is one of the toughest to change. Why? Because we are corrupted. Our minds are full of negativity, excuses, jealousy, all acting together forming a barrier which repels positivity at its threshold. Admit it, most of us, we have lost our values, we are the citizens who live by filthy habits, we don't advance and we don't let others strive as well. Pathetic I know. So, change for the better, be the change.

If we were to presume looking at things the way we do now, continue to maintain the negative outlook we have towards things that happen to us, dive in, the sea of dissatisfaction is where you belong. But I tell you what, life is an interesting journey, each step, each fall, is a doorway of various surprises. Only if you know how to accept, you will learn how to endure. Then you live!

It's all about perspectives.

Renuka G