Sunday, June 16, 2013

Happy Father's Day

My father always deserves a post !

Well what  can I say, words aren't enough to describe how much he means to me . The hands which held me close, watching every single step I take since I was little. The heart which never fail to love me and forgive me along the way. He's such an inspiration. Someone who isn't afraid of forsaking his all for his children. Someone so kind and genuine at heart. A soul which wishes me all great things in the world though deep inside I know he's crying.

I do realize we are not like we used to be, and the blame is entirely on me. But I hope someday you will know that I grew apart because I don't want to be close and hurt you again.

Though I put you through so much pain, the way my silence would have hurt you, you still got me a new phone. So unfortunate that I had to turn it down, only because I know Uma is a way better daughter and companion to you than me and she deserves it.

I'm not heartless to hurt you. I'm not taking revenge. You're my father and I love you so much. Sometimes when I see you smiling and laughing with Uma, I crave to be her. And when I see you close to tripping and limping, I die a little inside. But let's just face it, things have changed, and I'm sorry.

Hope you know I always love you all the same pa. Happy Father's Day!

Renuka G