Monday, June 17, 2013

Of new beginnings and fragrances

Here it begins the 6th semester of my degree programme. Of course I'm feeling very blessed considering the results that I've shelved the previous semester, but this is a whole new beginning. More challenges ahead of me, ups and downs, trials and tribulations, all got me excited to face it.

I really don't want an easy ride home, rather settle for the combo of both sides.  This person believes that struggles mould oneself into a better being, into a tougher self. There's no way I'm cutting corners or praying for the lady luck to book a seat next to me, I want it the way everyone else gets it. My years as a college student I want to use to equip myself with emotional endurance and positivity. The mentioned duo is what that will keep things going in the coming years of my life.

All is well!

And now let me introduce you all to my new perfume , Tresor in love by Lancome. Yes I have decided to not play safe with Gucci all the time. Lancome is a great cosmetic brand and I fell in love with Miracle once, so I'm investing on their other bestselling perfume for the next few months use. The fragrance came with a body lotion and it smells awesome as well. Bingo! Tresor In Love has a fruity flavor to it with distinct middle notes of rose and jasmine. A must try! Apart from the mentioned I also did some splurging with The Burberry collection of fragrances. The box came with 5 4.5 ml of different Burberry perfumes including their signature  Brit Sheer, Burberry Body and The Beat. Worth every penny!

Renuka G