Wednesday, June 23, 2010

NevEr EnDIng FaiRy Tale

lets talk about love..i never thought that i would actually meet someone perfect for me. at the same time, little did i know that things would turn this bad. unpredictable life you see. once you find yourself on top of the world, next moment you find yourself picking up the pieces.. yeah it to the max..

back to my story, love..i met my true love, once in a lifetime, online..we were not friends for long, we didn't meet before getting into a relationship, yada yada..just after a few weeks knowing each other, smsing, well, we didn't even talk on phone, we got into a relationship..he didn't think much before proposing, and i didn't hesitate much to agree as well.. why? well, all questions in life doesn't come with answers..but i liked him..there was/is something special about this one guy..very special..then we talked on the phone, we met, we got closer and closer..i was happy, he was too..fighting was a very common thing, but those fights just made the relationship better..if you ask me i would say, he is my fairy tale prince and this is my fairy tale love..

we were soo happy loving each and every moment we spend, like what could go wrong?? well, EVERYTHING! things happen..i call it worst! it was soo hard ..why? this one i can answer...why? because we came to a stage where we have to stop communicating..WOW! thats hard..i bet it is..when you used to hear  from someone everyday, then you now cant even ...haizz its totally blood sucking experience..

what i did? hmm i am a negative thinker..most of my friends know that well..being such, all the nightmare kind of thoughts crossed my he is gonna leave me, he will surely forget me, he is very happy with the situation etc i feel i was being selfish..very very of that kind..recalling back things he said, he did, i realize that not him but i'm the one being unfair.. maybe things are not as worse as it seems to be..everything happens for a reason..there might be something good about this break we are having in our relationship..i cant be putting blames on him for making such decision. i don't know at all what he is going through..unfair!

actually, i started post all the stupid emo status messages..i am feeling so bad over that..i shouldn't make it hard for him..i am just hurting him by all these things.. i love him, love is not about hurting.. its about understanding, trusting, caring...i'm wrong.. so totally wrong..frankly admitting, i got problem in understanding.. since the beginning itself..but i promised him , i promised myself that i would change becoming an understanding person..sometimes i just forget this whole thing and act hastily..soo me!!

i am totally in love with him, and i don't wanna lose him nor hurt him..i decided to be more understanding..we are not really communicating, so our love gotta be strong..more love not more grief or what so-ever..i want him to be happy, whether its with or without me. i just cant hate him for any reason. he was always good to me, even when we are fighting..he is surely the type girls would go head over heels my point of view, well who cares about others  *winks*

no matter what happens my love for him will always be to infinity..for a relationship it needs people, for love 1 heart is just heart is definitely my sweet gift to you..forever and always !

P.S i will always keep my promises alive , you can take my you sweetheart..

-HeArT LockED-

!!RaeN G!!