Thursday, June 24, 2010

To Kill me!!!

whoaa another 1 day left..saturday i'm going back to t'rganu, afternoon flight from lcct! haiizz when i get there i'm so gonna anticipate the next holiday, counting days..normal! actually i haven't pack any of my things yet..this evening i gotta hit kluang mall for the last shopping..then thats the end!

hmm the final semester for english studies i will be doing this stupid novel, to kill a mocking bird! my dad got me the text and the movie as well.. he advised me to watch the movie and follow each line because the english used is good..owwhh well, what am i gonna do learning classic english, unless i'm gonna write any kingship stories like macbeth, julius caesar etc etc...its basically a boring starts off with a boy breaking his leg and recovering  then he could play football yada yada...who cares!!!! boring ! thats all i can say..

if i'm given a choice i would rather watch 10 movies back to back on HBO!! well, thats what im doing for this whole week..but of course not back to back..hehe that would be exaggeration..

"PlaY StOP"

!!RaeN G!!