Wednesday, June 23, 2010

HoLidaYs Like WAAATTT.....

Holidays?? yup semester break is reaching its end! excited? well, not really, but to an extent YEAH!!.. back in the campus with friends, lectures, sports...half boring, partially interesting..hmm lets just wait and see whats in store for the final semester of the foundation programme.. got a big final exam waiting..huhu...owhhh ZIP !! no talks about it for now.. still in the holiday mode! *winks*

this holidays ? tiring!! exhausting!! yada yada..there is not much of good things to be mentioned.. this is the only week i'm fully in kluang.. first week i was busy with vacations here and there.. i went to port dickson, jb town, shopping shopping!! what else can cheer me up in this frustrating chapter? ..second week, i gotta replace my auntie in kl, managing her gym and aerobic class ..Whoaaa i totally screwed myself..i learnt all the aerobic steps in 1 day and i forgot the whole thing on the real aerobic time! i put up my own stupid steps and pulled through..thanks to my cousin, he helped a lot as he is working in the gym.... in fact, i can say its his auntie's son...huhu.. i was in kl for 5 days but i didn't go anywhere! that totally sucks!! i was busy rushing to the gym then to the hospital, to help to take care of my auntie..she got her legs and ribs fractured ..accident you shes ok, feeling better... that weekend i went to horizon hills as my other cousin bought a new house prayers.. we stayed one night there...celebrated father's day with a nice dinner n bbQ...i got my dad a shirt...not really a surprise because thats what i will be getting my dad every year..hehe

not so fun, not so happy..holidays full of tears..basically i was crying every day..till i decided just yesterday that i should stop this whole crying scene and be a lil bit stronger... yup i am trying, i havent cry till this moment..lets see whats in store.....bring in on!!! hahaxx

(( WiPe Off ))

!!RaeN G!!