Saturday, June 26, 2010

losing grip...

i feel soo broken..i cant express it in a shattered glass perhaps. i tried my best to be understanding, think positive, but i seriously failed..i cant accept this whole situation..i just loved him way too i find it soo hard to live without his voice, words, everything.. i just asked for one call or at least a message , is it too much to ask for? am i at fault? you stopped communicating with me of a sudden, without saying anything..all i need is an explanation, is it wrong? i feel so pathetic of i'm the only 1 trying to keep this relationship alive, all you are doing is just killing it..

why is it always like this? when i love someone truly, something has to go wrong..and this time i really couldn't accept..i loved him way too much ..i don't know, maybe he moved on..i never been the best anyway..i dont blame him if that happens too..i feel that i don't wanna force anyone and i love him, let him be happy...thats all i want..theres a long way to go, its so unpredictable..i cant change things, all i have to do is endure it..whatever happen happens..

i'm slowly losing grip of a lot of things, family, the person i love, friends...i dunno, is it for the good? or maybe things have to get worst before it gets better..fingers-crossed..

In TEars

RaeN G