Sunday, October 3, 2010

Unc3RtAinTy CaN B PaRaLyzZing

Uncertainty. Well, its my best friend! Yup, this friend of mine had stayed with me more than any other friend of mine. Perplexing me up with each and everything decision I make and I'm sorry to say that I never got rid of it. yeah it may sound like some kind of disease. But having powers to paralyze one’s thinking, can’t uncertainty be a DISEASE

We face uncertainty in life, uncertainty in the world, and it can be a paralyzing feeling that cripple us in our crucial decisions. Now you know how people trip! A drop of uncertainty in the ocean of life might divert your path just like that. Think about it, think about how uncertainty changed your lives? In love? In choosing your career? In friendship?  Daily circumstances?
just like casino: outsome unseen, unknown..

Bearing with consequences is maturity; facing with uncertainty is mind-challenging. It’s like being caught in a maze with too many opening which the end is unseen. Often the uncertainty of what might happen is tougher to deal with emotionally even than a tragic news. Yeah, when you are emotionally disturbed, how can you be mentally challenged? On affects another. Then just forget about a clear decision or solution. Its like ..its like....its like that...

I'm not a strong person. So what I face? Uncertainty as I mentioned earlier can be disease, not for all but for some. This not-so-strong bunch can be this the victims. People like me get paralyzed not by stroke or accident but due to uncertainty. As we allow it to consume us and wrap up all of our thinking and energy.

When you realize that you are dealing with a life uncertainty, realize that you are going to be at war with it within your own mind. For the direction your mind thinks, so your emotions will follow! Typically, the mind becomes addicted with playing out all of the possible negative scenarios regarding the situation. This only makes you feel worse and more paralyzed and fearful of the future. So the brain is the culprit now! A crime by brain to its own possessor. Hmm I thought only humans backstab, now brains are up to this too??? Sheesh...

Overcoming? Well. I have not dealt with it for years, so how am I to come up with one now? For you I will try. Since brain is what confusing the situation, control your thinking. Don’t play that jigsaw puzzle in there! I mean don’t try one piece by piece. Piece?? I mean solution in this context..huhu *context*. Limit your options. When you have less options, you get less confused and the decision making deal becomes slightly lighter and easier for the brain. As such, you feel less stress. Well, about the consequences of the decisions, hmm don’t worry about it as its just another uncertainty entering through another automated door!!!!

Some say it seems like a harmony to live with uncertainty. All we have to do is , remind one another that the challenge of uncertainty is the gift of human freedom, so that we may rise from the paralysis of unknowing, rest easy in peace, and come at last to celebrate the mystery. Life is full of ups and down, whatever uncertainty brings you, its just LIFE! Where you want to run?? ( ok now I made the whole post pointless)

Running from life is NOT in the list of Options!
RaeN G