Sunday, October 31, 2010

1.5= 10 ( P3rF3cT0 )

Final Exam??  Not stating the end of the journey but a kick start to a new one. Yeah in two weeks time I will be  DONE with foundation programme. Next year, OMG I'm going to sparkle as a undergraduate of  B.ed TESL (Hons) . Time flies, it seems like I just came to Terengganu but 1.5 years had passed and so many things had taken place. Dramas, break-ups, lost friendships, struggles in adapting yada yada. But yea I'm a better person, I'm independent and I'm stronger all because of this one place that moulded me so much and will keep moulding me in years to come. Can’t wait to step back to this IPG as a degree student. I will just be 19 when I get into my degree programme=D All I got to do is study and pass this final exam. I won’t deny that I'm freaking nervous, even though the quest is to pass only it still gives me that weird feeling in my stomach. Hmm hope everything will turn out well. I SWEAR I don’t wanna receive any phone calls from IPG asking me to re-sit any papers!!!!! Damn scary man!!! 
the 1 one wish = 1 coloured finger

Actually I wanna make this confession for a long time, let me fulfil it this time. Deep in my heart I seriously heart Terengganu so much. But of course not as much as I love kluang!!! I don’t know why, I just love this jungle I am in. Its a pleasant jungle. I got few friends that I know will never let me down, I got peace here ( without me messing up the situation by meeting any random guys on FB =s sheesh regrets..) I love this college way more than INTI. This place showed my both the good and bad side of people. What is it like to be in a long distance relationship, how does it feel to be so close yet so far from your family, how to look so ugly yet beautiful or vice versa. In short, A LOT!!! Lessons about love, friendship, family..

I feel like I went through a journey on a roller coaster which took me up and down and again the up and down. But the moment the journey ends, RENUKA is finally a better girl. I'm proud of myself for having the courage to accept things and move on instead of holding grudges and hating people. Maybe it is the way I had been brought up. This rocky journey didn’t shake the good side of me at all. I'm still the same, and will always be the same good lil daddy’s girl who loves to be crazy.
Ain't gonna be a LOSER !!

Regrets?? Hmm  honestly admitting I do regret some things I did against the will of my parents. I really do feel bad about it. I wasted my love and care for someone who thrashed everything even when he was still in the relationship. The person  Who put me through the worst days and nights alone. But thanks to him, I realize the difference between reality and illusion. I'm happy that I have got nothing to hide anymore and i found the stars of my life. 

Life is a series of journey, no matter how rocky a journey gets, when  you get off each its a new YOU that shines. 

Life is only beautiful with FLAWS but flaws doesn’t make life.  Great paradox to be understood