Sunday, October 24, 2010

Some daY

Once someone told me it’s not the easy sailing that will make you what you wish to be. Now there are 2 ways either quit wishing to become a wiser person or learn sailing through the stormy weather. I chose the latter and I don’t consider going back on my words or thoughts hence sticking to my now! I don’t want sympathy neither do I want to sail easy. The true test of character is now, today, this moment! And I am ready to face the challenges, face the world, and face the obstacles.

If you think life has to resist change as you and I do it or intend to do it at various intervals  then keep dreaming because life wouldn’t follow your set paths. Today or tomorrow change will bump into each one of us. It bumped into me now and I am welcoming it whole heartedly because it can get hard on me if I try resisting! Understand, accept, move on, and don’t stop! This is all you want… all you need... And all that will matter some day… one day!