Wednesday, October 27, 2010

20 days is ENOUGH..

Let me laugh first! Hahahahaxx.. wondering why?? Well, its like this, my best friend came to me today just to tell that ‘he’ had moved on with another girl!!!! Hahahaxx my quick response was something like this, ‘he moved on so what?’ Yup, people think I'm still stressed about my past relationship, but the truth is I'm not. I set my priorities right and I am somewhat smart. I got my exams around the corner and I have got no time to mourn over dramas that are happening! I'm imagining myself as a degree student next year, not as someone’s sweetheart or what-so-ever you call it as, plus I'm not a fool to get cheated over and over again..leerrrghhh ..
No more tears

I truly admit that I am an emotional person,  I cry a lot, well after the break up I cried like shit honestly.. I cried like I don’t wanna cry anymore. That was enough to just erase the memories.  We were not meant to be together. He changing for me, me changing for him, na-ah-ah. Not gonna work and I'm not gonna oblige so does he! Whether he wants to move on, get married, get ditched it’s none of my business. Throughout the relationship, I was always there for him and finally he showed me the door out and yea I walked out. I will never look back. Friendship was an option I had, but I thought its just gonna hurt me to even have any sort of relationship with him. I'm DONE! Its OVER. I don’t mind, so him moving on is not and will never be a big deal. Move on , be happy, all the very best thats all. I don’t believe in hating people nor holding grudges because yea this is me. I let go of things, I forgive and chapter closed (full stop)

I still remember what I told him after the break up, ‘ thank you for teaching me such a great lesson in life’!  wondering what lesson it is?? SECRET SSSSsssshhhh....hahaxxx next time I will tell =D One lesson that I will remember a lifetime....

 peepz, How much can love hurt one??~~ When the love itself is temporary , can it hurt permanently??