Monday, September 27, 2010


Since this topic of mine is rejected and i can't do anything about it. i publish my piece here!!!!!

I don’t understand why people look at those who took Botox, as if we are sinners? 

Botox is merely a cosmetic injection that makes people improve their looks. Looks matter most to ladies than anything else on earth !  When you are concerned about how you look age is not a matter of concern at all. Whether in 20s or 60s. its like a quick way to feel younger and  look great! Instead of piling up a basket full of cosmetic creams which gives no change to your skin, Botox is certainly the best choice for those who can afford the better.

Some may  argue that a Botox procedure costs from RM 100- RM 1500 and thus it is  expensive. I don’t deny that, it could be ridiculously priced but good things don’t come cheap either. But I suggest we sit down and calculate the total sum we spend on the wrinkles cream of various brands which are promoted by way of convincing and at times misleading commercials. Don’t be surprised, on a long term  they definitely cost way more. The consolation for those who opt for Botox is that they get results, instant results!!  Whereas those cream freaks end up again in shops looking for the perfect-working-cream. Sad to say most of the creams never work and even if they do it should be a life long affair!

 Botox is not as harmful as people presume it to be. It has a lot more benefits than simply stretching your face muscles and making you look younger with the shiny, fresh look. This is a mistake that people make often. They don’t explore into something and find its pros and cons, instead they just point out  a small negative portion of the issue. If Botox, makes you look younger and then  that’s it! People don’t venture into this cosmetic procedure and to find good and bad effects of it. Botox is capable of curing other symptoms of diseases as well. This is what many of us fail to realise.

I'm pretty sure that most of us are unfamiliar of the condition called cervical dystonia. It is the most common form of focal dystonia. Its symptoms include pain at the neck and shoulders, problems in swallowing, muscles tightness force the neck and head into uncomfortable and often painful positions and movements. Botox treatment can assist in diminishing the occurrence of these symptoms by relaxing the affected muscles.

Next condition is called hyperhidrosis. It is a disorder in which there is excessive sweating . In hyperhidrosis, the amount of perspiration far exceeds what is required for the control of body temperature. Botox treatment has proven to be effective in reducing this excessive sweating.

This cosmetic application of Botox is becoming increasingly popular. Though it does not radically change the appearance of a 6o year to become a 30 year, there is a high rate of satisfaction among those who have undergone this cosmetic miracle. Even with so many protests, Botox still holds its fame as the best way to reduce wrinkles besides giving other health wise benefits.

Lets put it this way if you have a headache and reach out for Panadol. if you insist pain killers do more harm than good ,then I'm soo sorry you have to live the day with the headache. Every drug, every treatment has its cons but most of the time, on a long term basis the bad effects are far too small compared to the best effects.  in today’s world where young girls in China choose to go through a painful surgery pulling their leg muscles just to look a bit more taller than the rest, Botox doesn’t seem a dreadful choice.

RaeN G