Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Innocence: A Taste Or Flavouring?

Wow i think i took a lil too long leave from blogging =0 well, im back!!! i'm done talking about friendship and relationships. this time i wanna hit on innocence. Innocence is bliss people say, for some its their Achilles' heel !

Let’s take a glance at its meaning! Innocence is described as the freedom from sin or moral wrong. Wow that is noble! Maybe this is reason why innocence is often compared to a baby. Sinless, not knowing anything but to cry, eat and sleep! Can anyone identify any grownups with such characteristics?? I bet it’s hard, I mean freaking hard! Innocence is easy to identify, but not purity in innocence. What I mean here is, you can see people acting innocent and not the innocents with no artificial flavouring! The flavour of innocence!
If you were to ask me whether innocence is vital for living, then I would say innocence is the essence of living. Innocence doesn’t stand alone, it is often accompanied by tolerance, forgiving nature and of course dumbness. Well that was harsh, but yea harsh reality. Innocent people, I mean the ‘no artificial flavouring’ are often dumb, freaking dumb and again dumb. But its not a sin to be dumb! Did I ever say its a sin?

Of course its an act of stupidity to be dumb! Stupid means dumb right?? =p innocent people often lead a happy life in their own fairly land believing all humans are noble and were sent to this fairly land with purpose. Oh god, super lame! Referring back to the meaning, freedom from sin and what???? Moral wrongs!!! They can’t say human are sent to go back to heaven and half got a return ticket back to hell! Its a sin to mock people. Oh mock!! Now I remember, they are members of the mocking bird society. How jealous am I.....sheesh

Well why am I jealous?? Of course I'm jealous because I'm an innocent with artificial flavouring. I use innocence to fight the battle of life! I refrained myself from finding out things recently. So I opt to the weapon of innocence. Not to fight with people but to hush them. Yes! When a friend tells me A talked bad about you, all I got to say is “ohhhh”. See I'm saving my energy, my friend’s energy and of course A’s life! Let me explain why A’s life is saved. I said ohhh, so I'm closing the chapter. If I were to reply “ omg who is A to talk about me, A is such yada yada yada... then my ‘friend’ will eventually will carry the story back to A. Why??? Because my ‘friend’ is a true player. A player who plays both side. My friend what! Wakakakaak ..ok back to the story. Finally my scorning will reach A’s ears. Then we pick up a fight, we quarrel, so-called confrontations which never works! At the end blood shedding might occur! See I saved a life with artificial flavourings ! we are food technologists without a degree you see !We are life savers man! So lets boo the mocking bird society!!!

Well all that was purely a mockery, a joke, ridicule or what-so –ever you wanna call it. And the “my friend” character doesn’t resemble any of my friends who are alive or dead!!!!

Life is a compilation of all tastes and flavourings! Innocence can either be a taste or flavouring. It depends on individual. If one takes it as flavouring, people will remember you NOW! Whereas for whom it’s a taste, you will be remembered when you R.I.P. it may sound like a joke but trust me, its a point to ponder upon!! Think about it buddies....

Flavouring Is Not Prohibited
-RaeN G -