Sunday, September 19, 2010

What is L.O.V.E?

what you think about love? is it an essence of living? an addictive drug? or just a wind that touches everyone?

if it is an essence then why people get hurt? an essence is like a soul for a body. how can it be accompanied with hurt that lasts a life time? that is like till the end you gonna love because its gonna hurt, and till you get six foot under you have to live with hurt because you 'must' love?? doesn't make sense.

you say it is a drug?An addictive drug, is not something good unless you wanna wind up in rehab. if love is what brings you joy and all those sparks and sparkles in your life, why an addictive drug is what you compare it to? isn't an addictive drug fatal?

if at all it is a wind that touches everyone, then why are soo many of us drowning in the sea of humanity? isn't the root of humanity love? A wind?? temporary isn't it? is love barely a temporary pleasure that keeps you boosted till the next morning and walks away like a jerk boyfriend ?

so what is love? are we loving without knowing what it is? is it a catastrophe or seasons that change with time?
Is love love?
-RaeN G-


gs said...

Love is just to accept and love u as what u are, but does that exsists ? Now love actually blooms taking into consideration the looks and status of a person then for some its only sexual. Looks can be decieving we cld end up loving an animal, so beware!!If u were not that good looking or say u were handicapped do u think u wld hv been loved !Lets face the facts,we loved a nobody actually !Close those doors for now but leave the windows open, get wat i mean