Saturday, July 3, 2010

One StEp Down..

my own emotions are killing me usual i don't know what to i am wondering what am i gonna do with my life..i used to be happier, way happy than what i am now..its like i'm transforming back to the passive person i used to be last year..i'm not loving this change. if i were to let this conquer myself than eventually it will push me further down to the ground.

realizing the fact that others can't help or co-operate in changing the situation, i am acting. it hurts to see yourself suffering everyday while the other party can just be happy and move on.. well, i'm not 100% confident with this fact, assumption as usual..but there is of course a "maybe" there..when you truly love someone, you would anything to see them happy. what is happening now is the right opposite..i begged soo many times, i explained how not happy i am nowadays, but you didn't at all take that into concern.. you really did love me??? i don't know...but i love you, even till dz moment..i just feel it is not reciprocated..this doesn't mean that i am giving up and stop loving always hold a special place in my heart..always will..i don't wanna disturb happy, if you find someone better ,certainly its your individual decision..i prefer keeping my feeling and "anguish" to have gone too far, what can i do... helpless.... take care love...

HeART BrEaK <3
RaeN G