Friday, July 16, 2010

WorTh It....

PATIENCE.. Yup patience is the essence of life. This is what I learnt long ago but failed to implement in a long time. We don’t practise what we preach all the time don’t we? I’m not an exception. I tripped so many times due to this; i mean patience, lack of patience. If i were to say that i don’t have it at all then it is eventually a lie. We all are patient bunch you see. The thing is that it doesn’t come all the time. When it happens it happens..Sometimes we stay patient but in our mind we have killed the person 10 times! Its like we pretend..Which is honestly obviously hard! I’m not here to teach on how to be patient..naaaahhhh... I just wanna explain why being patient is a “yes” thing. one can ever say NO..Patience is crucial in maintaining and sustaining a relationship..Whether it’s between family, friends or the one special person in your life..we fight for no reasons, we get to curious to know things , we demand too much..These are the random things we fight about, we argue about..When you glance back at it, patience is what stirred it all, crashed it into pieces and broke your trust, hope and love..Acting hastily drives our lives into a chain of disasters. Who drove? We yes, patience plays a vital is like spread for the bread, relationship and patience ;-)

Next, we don’t go in search of things. When something is yours then it will be eventually yours. People don’t wait nowadays. They want everything like 3 in 1s! Quick! Here comes blunder! You deserve something better but just because you want it at instant, you end up with “moderate”.. at times there is U turn available, what if there is NONE ? then do prepare yourself to indulge in tears and regrets. Not because of anything but because you choose to..for the moment you remember your friend “patience”...then you start back from square one.. we are all humans you see..

Living without patience is not hard but its harsh. We lose things for no reason, own mistakes..we spend 24 hours, 7 days to think what transpired, why it happened; when the answer is just as easy as getting angry, PATIENCE! So ya why don’t try being patience? Save yourself some energy and tears..

A handful of patience is worth a bushel of brains!

All The Best pals....

RaeN G