Saturday, July 3, 2010

TrUSt FadEs HopE

step by step, bit by bit i am being crashed...its not a good start, that i can see..well, who can predict life..when things have to shatter they will..there is no such thing as erasing or corrections, we are not the author of people's choices and intentions..i have been myself even till this moment..deep inside i know i am not a bad person..i don't serve people the "evil" dish..i do what i want but i won't harm others..if i do, i know how to apologize or make up to them...when people turn out to misinterpret things or wish me to be like the puppet made by  them then all i say is "sorry"...

i am not here enjoying..i am suffering! with a lot of things..when i look around, everything seems so wrong..imagine how i feel?? and is this the right time for all this? people throw someone out of their live because they ruin theirs..what did i do? i am sometimes sarcastic, i voice out what i feel wrong..if you were to take opinions soo seriously then i don't know what am i supposed to hurts even more when the person is the one who understands and had been with you for know me don't you??  well, i do realize another thing as don't mind when someone hurts you just in the same way, but when its me you have to react..i  don't understand..are you trying to point out something here?

too many things taking place, everything have this one thing in common. TRUST! well, what is trust? i am lost in finding its meaning..why? because i just cant trust anyone..when there is no trust, the other  thing will eventually fade..what is it?? HOPE...yup i am here standing on my own without any hope in my heart and trust for no one...not the 1st time though...i don't know, its like a FULL STOP, not because situations are too harsh, but it is because the time is as such..heading down the circle of life, i am clueless about the solution..whatever happens happens..

why can't all this just be a dream.......

RaeN G