Monday, July 6, 2015

They own you

What's with our generation ?

What's with material possessions and wants ?

Things we own , end up owning us. True enough. It's a simple case of getting a pet to pat and ending up serving it like a slave. We buy expensive things , we chase after luxury names, we prey on the prettiest and the most good looking in the bunch , all to finally become submissive to them.

While it could sound a little impractical to live without everything mentioned, is it possible to not be owned and defined by everything we possess? 

Can you reside in an extravagant mansion and disregard the security ? Can you walk around flashing your platinum cards and rings without being called out for some illegal misdoings just because you fail to convince the society of your true capabilities ?

 Is it possible to not be owned? Whether mentally or physically, can one stop whatever at hand from getting into your head? 

And amidst this tricky situation, would you dare limit your possessions to set yourself free from being claimed? Does the price of freedom higher in value compared to the profit of possessions? Dare you sacrifice the latter to survive the world? Or are you ready to be succumbed and be made into slaves of your most coveted wants?

And finally, how do you own without being owned ?

Renuka G