Friday, July 17, 2015


Don't hate or love someone so much! You will end up exactly mirroring them. Your jealousy and desire to be them will reflect unconsciously and reveal itself without much realisation .

People often end up the spitting image of either their best friend or their most loathed enemy . However, there are also cases in which a person acts like a sponge which absorbs everything they see and the next thing you know they are at the bookstore getting the books someone was reading , taking up new routines like admiring the moon or even develop new interests like fitness etc like in the page they saw . I wouldn't necessarily say it's a bad thing. But let's pause for a moment this whole permeable membrane's activities.

Who are you? Would you rather be defined by the things you picked up from the others or the ones you actually found within yourself? I'm a writer, and I became a veracious reader because I had to read in order to write. I did it for my passion. I became a fitness enthusiast because I have goals. Nobody came into my life and moved me into trying all these. Is it that hard to discover your passion?

Passion starts with goals. What are your goals? It is very amusing to watch people who didn't retire bad mouthing others and being a part of the so-acclaimed social network warriors who fight problems online actually end up something they are not. Be warned , hatred is a sign of jealousy and an emotion showing you want something the other person has. Plus, reading someone's blog everyday could make you drawn into the other person's interests instead of yours.

Think for your own well-being people! Do you want to be yourself or a person whole stole numerous identities to sculpture your image ? You might have mocked someone who went too generous on lipstick or someone's poses, but what have you become now? Don't end up a statistic.

There is something about originality that is inspiring. I think people with unique interest and passion are the ones who awe the world. If you keep trying to prove something by mocking others or mirroring them, where are you heading?  And one day you can't even define yourself in an About Me column that you have to copy-paste it from other sources. 

Once again be warned, hatred and love could wipe off your identity altogether!  The world is full of copy cats . You either jump off and save yourself now or sit along and play the guessing game . 

Renuka G