Tuesday, July 7, 2015

The Shortcut-Shame

Most people are only known for their unknown shortcuts they take. When it comes to the notion of being skinny and fit, many would like to delusionaly assume that they are the latter. 

Alright, let me get this straight! You don't get fit in a week, but you can get skinny and make the dumb crowd believe you are full of muscles in just 2 days.

Trust me, it only takes 2 days and 2 things. First of all, you need a little cardio and know a few workouts. Next is the ultimate go-to solution for girls worldwide , starve! These two things are easy. Especially when you are desperate to look slim for a date or an event, they could come handy. After the show is over, a week later, the reality sips in with an impressive pooch. Oh yea, very fit indeed.

As much as it is easy to look slim and skinny, nothing is more lasting and fulfilling as being toned and fit. People work for weeks and months just to see the change while some people flash their skinny figure as an inspiration for fools. When you are thin, your body could still be full of fats whereas a toned-physique won't give you that pillow-ish hug. Muscles are hard, fats are equivalent to flabby. I guess that's not rocket science.

One important thing to remember, fit people actually eat . It's just that they don't overindulge in processed and unhealthy food while consistent practising portion control in their meals. So the next time you feel flat because you sip green tea and ate crackers for days, don't get overjoyed over the accomplishment. You are nowhere close to being healthy. Save yourself the memory space of your phone. 

To be fit and toned, one need to lift, eat healthy and get enough rest to recover for the next gym visit. The effort and sweat and pain , I call that inspiring and share-worthy. If you pamper yourself with light cardio and do squats with your knees crossing your toes, go home! 

I support strong women. Shortcuts are embrassing.

Renuka G