Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Run from the clichés

If only running actually solves problems, many of us wouldn't  take off our shoes . However since it apparently doesn't , at least in most instances, we invent excuses. I was presumably convinced that it all rooted from childhood itself . It began the moment we blamed our mediocre achievements on the tuition classes we were denied, our ignorance of the school rules on the teachers' inconsistency, and hiding under the shades of that-person-does-it-too excuses, we thrived. 

The second phase of life hits later. It is obviously not mandotory for if it has been then many wouldn't have been stuck at the previous. This phase is called growing up. What a cliché! Not all grows up, exceptions seem like a rule in this case. So to feel any form of attachment to this post, you should be in the correct stage. If you aren't, the rest would be a relief. 

When you grow up, you allegedly run out of excuses. It isn't a requirement or a norm forced onto an individual. It is merely a choice you are obliged to make as , well, a grown up. This time around you can't hide behind the mistakes of your parents who carved your dreams for you, nor blame the society and religion for the person you are becoming. You are entirely your own responsibility.  The stage where you learn the real meaning of consequences and regrets and most importantly, risks. You run out of excuses.

The next minor event in this stage would be the owning up to your state. It doesn't matter whether you fail, fall, succeed or stand naked to the world, you take the blame. Fixing is the art you master and control all by yourself. You could surrender and get back playing the blame game but that's child's play when you are here. They are still in the cards laid out yet nobody takes pride in cowardice . Or do you? 

I don't know about the people out there and their excuses. Excuses scream comfort to me and comfort is synonymous with stale. It gets boring, eventually.

 Give me a little fight for my survival! Throw me an obstacle. I rather start fresh again and again than grow stale with the rest of benched players .  I made a choice, to be and stay a grown up.

Renuka G