Saturday, January 25, 2014

I'm so much more

So one more day to go. It's not like I'm happily counting days for my final practicum to kick start but, I'm just excited to improve. For some obvious reasons I should say, I had been too lenient with my performance. It's about time I stop. Only because I don't like some parts of this job, I shouldn't waste my time playing mediocre. Even more important, I shouldn't prioritize 'things' that do not prioritize me.

Maybe I'm too sick right now. I'm too sick of seeing myself giving up at every fall. I'm too tired of making myself believe I had done my best when there's soo much I could have shown. Let's not brood with regrets or shy away because the other person beside you thinks you are not good enough. I genuinely want to make things work. I want a determination that lasts and a passion that could drive each day of the coming 3 months with much meaning.

Anyone can make an extravagant opening, but only a few finish grand. So why be a common man?

Renuka G