Saturday, February 22, 2014

Life is a Marathon!

There will come a point in our lives when we turn around only to find how some people have progressed through life in such a short period. While you are still busy attending to your Barbie's Dream House, you find your friend buying his own house. While you are still gripping hard your fluffiest teddy, you friend's arms are tied in  the name of matrimony. Then when you come home logging into your favourite social network, there you go a video of your friend featured in a tv show, a few new relationship statuses flying around, pictures of some migrating elsewhere, updates of accomplishments and brand new life events triggering that one deadly question. What the hell am I doing wrong?

For most of us, that is the case scenario almost every single day. We are accustomed into believing the cliche of life being a race. We reflect our own progress by comparing it to some else's life. Everyone is striving to sprint through the field without realizing their feet being on different lanes with their so-called competitors. Life is not a race, it is a marathon.

No first, second or third place that is prioritized. It's about finishing it your way. You may sprint and slow down and sprint. You can go slow and steady all throughout the path or any way you wish. Taking life like a race, fearing the stride length of the person on the next lane, looking back on who's coming after you, is just an obvious sign of how unhappy you are with yourself. In the long run, that will only transform you into an unappreciative person who can't see the blessings you have, finally leaving you with nothing but resentments.

Take life as a marathon. It might be a long long journey but do it for yourself. Do it for a purpose. Run to prove yourself. Take your eyes off the medals and prizes, life doesn't start today and finish in the next few moments. No harm in finishing late. All you have to do is have personal goals, dreams and a well-founded passion. Your friend and you, are not the same. You might be entitled for different things, and get it at different times. It's OKAY.

After-all there is no such thing as a perfect life, it's all in the mind.

Renuka G