Friday, January 3, 2014


Holla 2014! This is my first post of the horse year. Let's talk about resolutions. Resolutions, in my point of view, are the list of things or lies we convince ourselves with, to live better and feel better. However, since to live better one needs to keep up with it, to feel better might be the closer truth.   No? You are living in denial, buttercup! Resolutions are the extravagant ideas running in our heads, sometimes close to fantasy, that are formed in the so called curtain-rising excitement.

Having condemned it pretty badly, I of course did not make any. The reason being, I just wanna live. We make decisions every single day. If it's a good one, we change our lives for the better. There's no magic power to a four digit number to bring in determination, unless you choose it to be so. New Year is just another day.

Being a good street peeper, I realize most people make resolutions about their relationships, work and physiques. The mentioned reflects the most common issues everyone faces, like every single day. 2014 or 2015 or even 2020 can't help if your resolutions are mere handwritten list of improvisations-planned. One thing about hopping on a trend is that, it fades with time. Same goes with new year resolutions. Typical trend which will be chucked at a corner in just weeks time. First of all, do you even remember the resolution or resolutions you made the previous year?

The whole thing is like going into the hunger games with all the weapons yet dying because you don't know how they work. Only consolation being, the thought. But to think again, does it even matter? I mean the thought. Dreams without an action I guess. Or wait, people do work on their resolutions don't they? Like I previously said, for a period of time, till old habits start kicking in. They die hard honey! 1st day of the year is no magic date to throw in determination.

Come back to reality. Instead of dreaming big about going to work on time, eating healthy and spending more time with family, learn determination first. Any day can turn you into a new leaf as long as you are strong about something you wish. True strength comes from the heart and a healthy mind, not by looking at firework displays or through a liquored midnight.

Bottom line, 2014 is just another 2013, 2012 or any other past years. It's the whole roller coaster thingy once again. The big question is, what you wanna do differently this time? Don't over-think about resolutions. You know what you want. So make decisions as you go, as you need. Your first January can be even today or tomorrow. No one has missed the chance to relive the wrong choices YET.

Happy New Year fellas!

Renuka G