Sunday, December 16, 2012

The Blank Page

Today I can't help but wonder, why all hellos have a goodbye. No one gets away from the moment which requires them to leave behind certain things or places, exchange the gift of memories and bid farewell for the vague idea called 'the beginning'. It's most certainly in the cards for each and every one of us, the difference though is how strong is someone's heart to accept the bittersweet truth time brings forth. 

Whether you are the celebrated or you are the one to be left behind, the pain is felt in both shoes. While the heart weeps as words of comfort are exchanged, the mind plays the 'maybe' game consoling itself it's not a forever-goodbye. As the person walks away, and his/her shadow disappears, life flips to whole new chapter no one knows the end, leaving only hopes and promises to wipe the sorrow.

However, as said by many wise men, measure the worth, not the cost. Let it be a needle-prick or a bloody-wound, if it's necessarily, if it brings more good, if it's a stepping stone, send thy friend with a kind smile. In a world full of jealousy and little virtue, make a difference.

I can't guarantee a comeback, I can't tell you it's temporary, I can't assure you things won't change, but it's always going to be alright, somehow, at some point, for both parties.

Renuka G