Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Dolly is Dead

I've known people who wake up everyday to make a mirror of their ownself. Those with strong faith of the road they travel is the answer the world is searching. If life was a test , 100 would be their score.

While they fly high in the air with trophies and medals, others are viewed as charity cases who need a sprinkle of their ideologies to not drown in the sea of wrong. Some step in with genuine desires to share and help , leave them alone for, the bunch which I would like to throw limelight on is the brain-washer who washes you into the clone of himself/herself.

As humans we need to respect each other's interests and way of lives. I do agree some nuts go overboard and need a heads up or at worse circumstances a hi-5 on the face, they are own-grave-diggers, peculiar beings.  I'm speaking of petty things-fussers. You might love red because it's the colour of passion, it's bright yada yada, then a self-hired, on-earth, walking-God comes along telling you red is ugly, good human won't like red. Black is the best he cheers, getting you a black shirt, tie or even a black nail polish. The next day you look so bright in black and act like an idiot because someone just made a puppet of you. Seriously people?

Bottom line, we can like whatever we want to like, we for sure need not share the same interest as others. Hey, we can also eat french-fries dipped in chocolate sauce and scream to the world, it's yummy!  After all even rights and wrongs have become individual-based and so subjective, why worry? Be yourself. Everything is ok if it does no harm to yourself and others around you.

Final message, watch out , you will meet brain-washers and clone-makers at some point of your life, also not to be shocked to watch your own self voluntarily succumbing to the need to mirror someone. It's your call, decide for  yourself :)

Good Night!
Renuka G