Friday, December 28, 2012


Men and women both are guilty of one sin, the sin of over-thinking. Well 'sin' might appear like a strong word, but sorry I can understate it any other way.

Even in such hectic schedule, we still spare time to brood over things that are less significant than getting some rest or mind-relaxation. We never give our mind a break, don't we? From an argument to a  mere grey hair that we recently found, everything has a place to be cracked, mixed and baked. 

Things get even worse when and magazines become loyal companions for problem-solving and cause-researching. Since when problems become so universal that random people's comments and views sweep clean dirty dishes in our lives. Don't over-think this one please, it's point blank!

The essence of life is uncertainty. Seeking assurance, finding the truth often lands you in severe mental trauma or in the hands of an annoyingly smart therapist who sits so calmly like some peculiar species who doesn't have one single goddamn problem . Can't blame them, that's what their duty calls for. Man I admire these professionals!

As interesting as it might sound to over-think, to get grasp on things we are vague about, often people end up getting answers they don't wanna obtain at the first place. Then what else? All hell breaks loose!

I've learnt this, maybe the hard way but being able to refrain from the sin made my life so much better. No pressure nor stress, no need to create something which was not there at the first place, just accumulated more time for better things and great people that I have in my life. 

The next time you wanna rethink of an argument you recently had, try listening to a song from an alien language. Or a language you don't possess full comprehension. Hindi for instance, in my case. I tend to spend the entire song trying to figure the lines I got clueless about waiting for it repeat again. What happens here? Distraction! 

Say no to over-thinking!

Renuka G