Friday, November 2, 2012

This moment matters

Any way you put it, any road you take, any wall you try to build, for sure can’t save you from the trials life is going to throw. Either you buckle up, find strength and keep moving or let your negativity and severed hope sink you further down. 

One thing life has taught us for decades is that it goes on, only we humans love to pause, take a break, look back, well fine, but what’s the point of keep observing a healing wound. A watched kettle never boils, that’s a saying to remember indeed. Ignore! Keep walking. One day you might want to reflect on those bitter memories, perhaps at your prime, now, please don’t. 

Let good memories conquer your mind, replace the bad ones, or at least make them vague. 
After all what matters the most is this moment you are living right here, right now. Do something about it. Stop even ruining what’s in your hands for something which slipped away once, something which hurt you deep along the road. Pure waste of time.

You wanna live? Start living now. Past is to be framed, present is to be treasured. So what else??

Get moving people!


Renuka G