Friday, November 23, 2012

Colours of the world

I have heard from the weakest of our kind, their dream of a secluded island, their crave for isolation. But what is life without people? Can nature replace the traits of mankind that brightens the world?

Reality-check , no!

People are colours, who are of different shades, they paint our lives in ways we yearn and at times the exact way we fear. Yet we need them. Even though so gloomy black could be, all white or perhaps pink is never a solution.

A little of 7 colours make a rainbow, just like that people of different characters completes the world.

The greenery, wide blue ocean and the wilds, might soothe but never will it be an everlasting comfort . So cherish those around you and find comfort where you are right now.

No man needs an island if he could make a paradise out of what he has :)

Good night

Renuka G