Tuesday, November 27, 2012

A Little Is Enough

Flowers and stars soothe our vision, smiles and laughters brighten our day, all in the world can sprinkle some happiness but what is their worth without a little appreciation.

People wake up everyday in chase of something, a pursuit, going after what's missing, searching for something new, to create a better tomorrow, to make perfect those imperfections. But one thing the mad  rush, crazy race fail to teach is, it's never about what's missing, life is always about what you already have. Things and people that stays regardless of situations, not the weight of your wallet which gets anorexic by day even when you strive so hard to make it obese or, even the temporary sadness and tough times that comes and goes like the novel-ideas in my head.  Oh that's so frequent !

Mistakes, bad decisions, even relationship-issues often are the ultimate result of this, seeking what's missing instead of embracing the joy in your grip. Looking for something better, perfect, superficial , i don't know, only to pet regrets at the end because of our own failure to appreciate.

I tell all my friend this, there's always something to be thankful for, every single day of your life and if you can find it, you sure know the secret to happiness.

Appreciate what you have, take a moment to smile at wonders in your life, be grateful the journey is still on.

Have a great day!

But Good Night for now :)

Renuka G


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