Monday, October 8, 2012

Excuses and Gifts and Treasures

Things are happening so fast that i'm left with no time to pause and think, what more write?

Since excuses don't make me look good, here you go a lil updates:

My sister's birthday gift finally arrived and here it is.
Guess what? She's in love with the products and also Benefit!

that's what i'm talking about =p

Coming to my birthday gift. My sister bought for me a dress and a jacket from promod which are completely adorable and cute. For the record, I enjoyed every moment of my shopping spree with her.

From my dad, it's a set of Bobbi Brown facials. Toner, moisturizer and also their cleansing oil. Honestly speaking, I asked for my sister to get it for me like months ago as my birthday gift (who does that?) , therefore technically it's her gift to me. However, since I put on Amex due to their humble weekend shopping rebates, in a way it's my dad's gift too.

Apart from the dress and the facial products, my dad agreed to get me a watch from Michael Kors or Marc Jacobs, so we'll see.

Maybe this post might sound like I fancy gifts so very much, but hey, it's true. Just to an extent. I love to be pampered with gifts, only from my family members. And I feel there's nothing wrong in it as long as they can afford it. I have full rights you see =p

Being blessed with a kind sister and dad who values my happiness more than anything, I'm certainly the luckiest a girl ever!

At the end of the day though, I do have to bow and admit, gifts mean so less compared to the love and care they indulge me in.

Renuka G