Friday, October 26, 2012

4th attempt and accomplishments

Now that I'm here, having this canvas staring at me, I wonder why on earth am I here?

I want to write something, probably share something???

Oh hell no. All that is in my brain right now is 'Exams! Exams! Exams!'. Unless I fancy feeding you readers with the definition of multimedia and photography it would be possible but again no, that's too informative for this blog. So should I leave? 

I can't still because after writing about 70 words which somewhat make sense, why should I ?

Let me think. ( ok this whole thing seems so bloody stupid !)


Got it! 

Since the 4th semester has ended, perhaps it would be better to reflect now rather than to wait till the exams end. After all, exams are not at all significant to be included even as memories. Better nod on that! 


Man, I really can't think today!

Got it.

Ok where should I start ? Yes the 'screwed and survived' chapter! You know what they say, some people are like clouds, when they disappear it's a brighter day. Exactly. Disposing those sycophants who made me sick to my stomach, is the best decision I've ever made. And that made way for many good things to reach me. God works in miraculous of ways you know. 

memorable 21st
In replacement, I've found 2 great friends and I friend whom I regained after nearly 1 year. Truly great people they are and inspiring without a doubt. Assuming that I've praised them enough in my previous post, Bffs, not going to touch on it much. 

Apart from the mentioned, I'm thankful for the reason, I once again did not play mediocre this semester. Convinced myself to be positive, took all the challenges course-wise, accomplished a story telling session, created a few poems, did the class presentations well and here I'm waiting for the final battle which is the semester exams. Can't wait to go back for the holidays and later welcome the brand new year!

Frankly speaking, ups and downs were there all the time. However, I pulled through quite well I should say. By letting some things to cool, by keeping my composure and by smiling at times of trouble, I managed to come stronger at the end. And I even found some time to motivate people I truly care for who finally ended up making my day even better and glossier. Did I mention I have a new hobby?? Haha details coming soon :)

Shin ee, A friend that I gained back :)
In short, the 4th semester kicked off with a storm and eventually mellowed into a smooth ride which gave way to much happiness and wisdom. Life's good and easy when your conscience is clear. Couldn't agree more. Glad that I took the right way, for I could celebrate in leisure while days wave goodbye now

YOLO! (why the hell I said that??)

Leaving now! See you when I see you next readers. Good day :)

Renuka G