Sunday, November 30, 2008


yeah at last i'm havin da mood 2 write sumthin about myself..i mean its not about myself bt its bout wats happenin 2 myself..OMG..wat can i say ppl..SPM jas finished..firstly during SPM every1 was busy thinking bout da freedom n hols, n now wen everythin is here, it seems boring!!!!!!...its nt oni my opinion bt my other friends' as well...every1 is bored...yeah sumtyms i feel lyk goin back 2 school n study. bt da prob is tat da guard neva allow me in.durghh!!!..niway its already da end of my high school lyf..i'm kinda hapi bout it bt still i miss my high school lyf..especially my lovely friends..luv them all ..wateva coming 2 da phase of my lyf called "BOREDOM"...yeah, i dun noe how else 2 call it as..DAMN BORING!!!.. 1 week jas passed n i am damn bored..feelin lyk bangin my head on da wall...jas imagine anotha few months!!!!.. i hope i still can survive n most importantly b normal n alive!!!! og god! oni u can help me!!!!!! wat matters is SURVIVAL !!!!