Friday, November 28, 2008

MakE uR LyF SiZzLe...


Change your attitude. Look at the positive, not the negative in everything you do. When you keep your eyes open to the good in life, interesting things come your way.


Look at life as an adventure. Find fun things to do in your own neighborhood instead of getting into the rut of going to work, coming home and sitting on the couch. Go outside and live life to the fullest.


Find hobbies that you like. You will have fun, have something to look forward to and also meet people with your common interests. Finding people to share ideas with is always interesting.


Try something you've never done before and open your mind to new things. Use different parts of your brain by learning music, art or logic. Challenge yourself to learn things you have never tried before.


Surround yourself with interesting people. Talk to other people and listen to what they find interesting. You might find something new that you'd like to try.


Visit places around the globe. Travel to different countries and meet people from different cultures.


Choose a career you're interested in instead of just working at a job. You will enjoy your work and find each day interesting. Take courses in your field to increase your knowledge and skills.