Friday, November 28, 2008

SciEnTiFicaLLy Don't CrY


Crying manifests itself physically through not just tears, but a whole body response. Think about how you feel when you cry; physically. Because the physical response tells our body we are crying, by altering our physical state, we can tell the brain that we are NOT crying!


The first thing that happens when we cry is that our breathing changes. Our breath becomes shallow and rapid as our emotions rise. When you feel yourself about to cry, notice your breathing and relax your diaphragm and take slower, deeper breaths.


The second physical response to crying is our facial muscles contract. Our eyes narrow, forehead becomes tense and mouth tightens. Relax your face! While working on your breathing, widen your eyes and relax your facial muscles. It is impossible to cry with relaxed breathing and facial muscles. Try it and see.


The last physical response that we can control is our body. Again, we tense and tighten up in response to emotion. Like with your breathing and your face, relax your body. By changing our physical response, we effectively change the signals from the brain and eliminate the crying response