Friday, November 28, 2008

PuT Tat Lil' SmiLe On Ur FacE !!


Let go of worries if you can't deal with them productively. Realize that merely being concerned about something is a waste of time. If there's nothing you can actually do to help the situation, direct your attention to something that you can change.


Learn to appreciate the good things in your life rather than focusing on the bad. Consider creating a gratitude journal in which you jot down three positive things that you did, witnessed or felt during the day. You'll soon find yourself seeking out the good instead of the bad.


Distract yourself with activities that make you happy. Take up a hobby like doing crossword puzzles that requires you to concentrate as opposed to something like knitting that you can do while you're still dwelling on unhappy thoughts.


Accept the notion that your life can't be perfect. If you're working toward a goal, look at setbacks as ways to improve your strategy for the better. Take your time to achieve a dream rather than making yourself meet an imaginary deadline that will only make you doubt your efforts.


Conquer the need to rehash arguments in your mind. Get into the habit of expressing all of your feelings during the discussion, weighing what the other person has to say and finding a way to accept the outcome so you can move on.