Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Its Hot Everywhere

"Panas telinga I dengar. Pok pek pok pek. Aduh." *muka baik*

Some past experiences once thought me that judging friends gets me nowhere. Not that I’m proclaiming a label of a saint, since I still do it of course ( old habits die hard I tell you). Though lately those judgements stays at comfort in my own little head and not disgorge out through my mouth (disgusting as it sounds).The only time I feel absolutely guilt free uttering one is when the need arises to protect someone I really care about.

For example, if one of my beasties besties picks up some real ugly habits that could endanger her whole line (hyperbolic) I will not hesitate to communicate my opinion. Very Loudly!

In the retrospect, I feel that to judge a friend is completely unnecessary chore to be done on daily basis, not to mention its” unclassiness”! Unless that person has personally stepped on your toes, there is no reason for you to place those unclassy adjectives along the person's name. I mean if you really-so-badly want to react.

Colour your own lips! *how lame*
So what if he or she has got a revolting habit or some strange dispositions? Person X could jolly well chew on grass if she wants to, it is none of my business. I do not condone what she does, but I will not see her differently either just because of this quirky habit.

We all have our strange-bizarre sides pinned somewhere at the blind spot, nod on that! We do not have to understand or agree to everything that our mates do, but hey, learn to live with it. Adapt or adjourn honey. There is no other way. If you want to be happy, change the way you view them instead of expecting them to change their ways for you. Remember, the only thing you can change is yourself !(sometimes we even fail on that, can’t help but mention =p).

Even an umbrella can't shade you on this one.
Accept these flaws as another variation, like the colour of our hair and eyes or the shape of our noses or body. If you centre too much on the flaws and seem to enjoy trading judgmental gossips on your own friends as if you are from the Upper East Side, you should have your self-confidence checked. And it will not be wrong for me to question your loyalty as a friend (in case you are).

Taking privilege on the grasped-reality, it is not  never easy to live a judgement-free life. It’s not like we can shut everyone up and make the whole world dumb! In fact, by writing this, I am already judging some of you , the gossip mongers. But because I understand the dangers of judging someone too much too soon, I shall not let it cloud my perception of you guys (how naive Renuka =p). 

Gossips= Best served cold!
Renuka G


gRaCiE_wEiRdOe.. said...

hey renu, yaya here . . damn ! love reading ur blog :D

Renuka Gunasekaran said...

thnx yaya really appreciate that =)

gsm said...

To have a good friend is one of the highest delights of life; to be a good friend is one of the noblest and most difficult undertakings.
Renuka I also like your blog wl u appreciate me?!