Sunday, August 14, 2011

D&G and stars

Those stars don’t necessarily put me to bed instead, they channel glimmer to both my eyes, setting me in an involuntary fit of delight! A mojo discovered indeed! 

Introducing Nappa With Gold Star Chain Clutch From Dolce And Gabbana.

 Visit: Luisaviaroma for more pictures and a detailed view.

Albeit it’s no secluded statement or shall I call it a fact, that MMJ is my all time favourite when it comes to bags, I still am trying to evade being all, “MMJ this” and “MMJ that”. Take this star-case for instance; they make it SO so hard . Just take a little glance at it and tell me how it is not earth-shatteringly gorgeous?  First look, you wanna touch it, the next, you wanna hold, third look, you wanna make it yours, the fourth, oh no BANKRUPTCY! Unless you are ready to drain out MYR 2025, for this fancifully breath -taking de rigeur then why not?

Frankly admitting, I’ve never been too fond of simple-looking clutch bags , but this goes above and beyond. The dangling stars just took the worth of the clutch to a whole different level. I hope I won’t get to see them in real, because if I do, em’credit cards gonna hurt so bad !

Speaking about ownership rights. This clutch is certainly a prohibited item which may lead to fashion crimes for the grown-ups with serious meetings and deals to sign. However, it without a doubt clamours attention and a little pampering via clutching from the young and fun-spirited souls like ME ! and of course you =)

Have fun getting over this teasing temptress!

Renuka G