Friday, October 2, 2015

Justice served

It was just a week ago that I walked out from one of my postgrad classes feeling utterly defeated. I can't explain the choice of word but that was the first thought which came forth on that moment.

Well, they say if there's a time in your life you could do anything and not apologize for it would be your 20s. This is where it is acceptable even to get an ugliest tattoo and spare the regrets for the next decade. I have about 6 years left. Is that too little? Look, I'm not greedy for more. It was an unexplainable guilt over my ambitions. 

It's like moving along an army of ants feeling  completely hopeless about my choices. Everyone is moving so quick in different directions and journeys which looks so extravagant with the assistance of photo editing apps. And there I was  just another ant carrying the pursuit of an extra paper qualification on my back.

Perhaps it is not all so tragic as it sounds. I love that I'm moving forward with my dreams at my own pace . Sometimes the proverbial grass just messes with my path. So yes I was feeling defeated. Cancelling on my trip to Indonesia only to make myself available for the classes during the holidays, frankly was depressing. But as every other troublesome emotions, that too passed.

The hectic days have become routines instead. To my 20s, I'm still doing justice by traveling locally whenever possible and enjoying every bit of my free days with something new in it . I'm still crazy and happy! 

I guess our 20s deserve nothing less than that!

Renuka G