Sunday, October 25, 2015

Hatred a disease

Hate is one of the few words one can't define positively. Some people shout it out loud in silence while the rest give it a real voice in the most protruded manner. While there are claims of courage, the act of valour flashes headlines in the social media as if it's an uncertainty in the truth or perhaps another side to the story which has rather been chosen to be masked. Well, people are complicated, so am I. It frazzled me though, moments in life I felt some kind of sympathy and an unfathomable confusion of to what extent hatred go move a person.

Perhaps it's a simple struggle of power or an onerous acceptance towards the concept of sharing, I can't be sure. Like looking down from the top of the world  feeling like you're in control and marking a territory with a bunch of people chasing everyone else as a threat, hate is all about ego. I don't think there's a better word to conclude that feeling. It's utterly cold and a purely negative state of mind to hate when there's so much to share in this world to make it a better place. To dislike is temporary, hatred is indeed toxic.

It comes back to humanity at the end of the day. Instead of all good things, we magnify hatred putting forth our intolerable ego only to forget how bad the whole thing reflects on us. We claim to be ourselves by projecting those emotions out but, our negativity is spreading elsewhere thus affecting our own circle and the world at whole. All for what? To rain on someone's personality? To humiliate them? To influence others? I guess it's not worth the bid.

Again, hatred is toxic. Once you hate someone, you are blinded to their good side. When you can't see the good in someone, you get too busy trying to pin down their flaws. You indulge in the power of criticism only to fall on your face when even without you realizing your own people start resenting you. Just like the numerous typed hidden-speeches, you would become a secretly loathed person.

For a world free of hatred!

Renuka G