Tuesday, September 1, 2015


It was sometime ago that I  realised comfort zone is a dead end. Trust me, a dead end is always a bad news ! Someone once told me, if it feels good then it's not normal. We are not designed to live by a set of rules and routines. In contrast, our body is like a mechanism tuned to frequently adapt and run through various circumstances. Discovering a robot was the impossible made possible not the robot itself. And who did it? A man of course. Hence, don't waste your inner strength !

Comfort zone at the end of the day only creates humans who are static and satisfied. One accomplisment and they are done with their lives. Soon they will pamper their capabilities in vain, deflating them a little more by day till they are gone without a trace. These people are what I could call the joggers. They jog and they repeat and they are satisfied. If you ask them to run, they will quote numerous articles that says why they shouldn't. The one-goal-per life examples, I should say.

Those who run over that bunch is called the go-getters. They don't limit themselves to just one dream. They run through every course of life with new visions and gather more as they progress. Some convict them of being unrealistic, foolish and the mighty description of all would be ' ambitious '! Yet they turn their ears deaf and keep marching forward. Though sometimes a couple of  steps could make them look less of a human, like trying to commit some insane acts of bravery as if they hadn't known fear, they are actually very much like any of you. It's just that they weigh their risks with the fruits they will someday bask.

Success could come either way. What you should decide is your definition of it and the means of achieving it.

You can either pick to cross your legs and act like you have conquered the world or you can always run like the world has no end. It's a matter of choice. Whatever your choice is, stop drooling at the proverbial grass on the other side.

Life is too awesome to be living in envy!🙈