Wednesday, August 5, 2015

M.Ed and the now

As the next step towards more progress draws closer, I'm starting to wonder if I have done enough being a teacher. Given a chance, I'd definitely ditch teaching and do something else but that's a vision away from reality. The position I am at in my life puts me under a circumstance which mandates me to bow down to certain responsibilities . 

I was in one of my English classes when I started to look deeply into the pupils in front me. I wasn't talking nor were they. I was just watching them thinking, how do I fix this? Kids who still speak English in words instead of sentences. Those who pronounce 'a' as 'ehh'. Not forgetting some who makes my head explode just to explain one simple word. Am I missing something?

My next step would be a huge one. Doing masters be it part time or full time is not going to be a piece of cake. The only option is to juggle,somehow ,someway . Prior to that, something has to change. It's the ultimate question of ego and pride. To consider myself someone who deserves a postgrad degree in TESL, I have to be an English teacher who could transform and bring about change. 

That's the mission!
Renuka G