Monday, May 25, 2015

Self-help? Seriously ?

Today I met myself between the alleys of self enrichment racks in the book store. It was a sudden sense of an indescribable feeling. I used to curiously read through the pages looking for a little attachment to the story told. Today it was mere awkwardness. It was as if I was standing amongst a group of aliens with too much annoyance . 

Hardwiring happiness?
This book will make you mindful?
A cup of comfort?
101 days to success? 

I rolled my eyes reading each and every title. Like, seriously ? Nothing made sense , at least not this time. I wonder why people buy these books? Why they were once so significant? 

Now I had only one thought in my mind. To grab all of them , rip off the pages of nonsense, throw the pieces in the air and walk off in that shower with a background score! I did not say my life is better or that it has gotten any worse. I lost attachment to these books. They don't feel relevant to me anymore. 

None has never changed me. My life took turns over experiences not some prescribed ideas of someone with a completely different life. Perhaps I have read some interesting quotes that were motivating but change is definetely from within and the moving factor would without a doubt be things that happened to me.

Standing there today just reminded me of one thing, how smartly words are aligned to lure people into the idea of success and a better self . As catchy as most titles may sound, the books are actually empty. You are reading empty pages with raging emotions and an intense desire for a new day and a new destiny . They are indeed empty .

You are not looking for help or enrichment . The only gleam of hope you are reaching for at this section is only a little sense of belonging and attachment. The curiosity of knowing somebody has been through the same and came pass it. The curiosity of finding out who got it worse. And finally the curiosity of a possible , proven-to-work solution, which is apparently non existent in most cases. Too bad.

Change starts with you. A trip to the book store will just be a rip in your pocket and a few useless flips of the pages .

Does this sound like 'A cup of comfort'?

Renuka G