Thursday, March 19, 2015

Sweat=Fat Crying

Well it has been sometime since I flaunted the fitness-freak in me. Today shall be the day. 

So it was like three gyms that I tried out which left the feeling of uncertainty at the same level. First and foremost, getting a gym membership in small towns is not cheap. Or you think otherwise? Probably due to lack of competition and surely lack of support from the public that things are the way they are. But whatever, my problem is time. The cliche kind of excuse, I know, yet truth is the truth. Weekdays I might have to pinch on the spare time for other work related demands. Spending so much to hit the gym for 2 days seems pretty silly, to me. It all comes down to the question of worth vs cost in which I found worth in this case could come with an alternative.

A gym membership would discipline you and make you stay committed to your fitness goals. At least that is what I choose to believe. For me, I can achieve them at home comfort. Well probably not all but at least most. My recent investments  on a stability ball and heavier pair of dumbbells is what I'm resolving to. 

I got to speak about the stability ball! It may look like some children's toy but with it you can do wonders! By wonders I mean numerous exercises for toning your upper and lower body. The ball is the real challenge. I dare you try it!

Things are actually looking bright when it comes to being fit. I was worried since I started working the stress might make me splurge on junks. Of course instances as such did take place but stayed under control. Now I have started to eat healthy as well. You know what they say, fitness is a lifestyle. To even see your abs you need to lose the fat layers. I have swapped my snacks for fruits and Greek yogurt while keeping carb-intake low. My only wish is to get this routine going so it becomes a habit. 

For all the weights that I did today, I'm not hitting the gym tomorrow I guess. Typical! Probably you will catch me running at the jogging ground here ! After that comes all the hard work of balancing on the stability ball and my dumbbell workouts  . 

Stay healthy, stay fit!
Renuka G