Thursday, March 19, 2015

Batman knows

I'm supposed to be yay-ing because it's school holidays but no, very few reasons to do a somersault over this schedule-free period. Well by schedule I mean official works that comes under my job description as a teacher like entering the class, writing lessons etc. I'm still, or to be more accurate my 'mind' is still occupied with the duties assigned and of course those I have bestowed upon myself.

I wonder if a teacher ever stops thinking because I apparently fail to press stop. Thoughts ring the bell one after another leaving me breaks only during naps. Alright perhaps that is too much of an exaggeration , I'm sorry. The truth is the current situation seems to bug me a little or a lot I dare say. It's not like I'm refusing to distract myself, I do. Despite all the idea-hunting activities I still find time to bake and workout. Thank god! I just wish I could adjust the level of stress I'm putting myself into. Sometimes I just disappear! Not literally for sure, duhh. What I mean is that I expose myself to excessive number of questions pertaining the future and my next plan of action.

The first monthly test just ended and I have to measure where I stand in terms of teaching and where I could get these students and the hows. Well it's indeed a fact that I can just throw in the towel and treat tomorrows like yesterday. However, I refuse to be so. It doesn't matter how much I love this profession, to educate is what I'm paid for . It's a commitment and of course a responsibility handed to me. I always take the two seriously no matter what the situation is. The question is not how to run,but how to survive. How to adapt to this routine and choose the right way to cope with it?

I hope I will get there soon!